Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to be younger - What foods to avoid to stay young?

Every woman has small beauty tips to look fresh and alert in the morning. But do you know that what you eat every day plays a vital role on your skin?
In addition to sunscreens and anti-aging creams, discover foods and drinks to avoid and tricks to do to delay the appearance of signs of aging.

The salt promotes the formation of wrinkles
The salt is particularly harmful to the skin. According to Jen Brewer, dietitian and author of the book "Stop dieting and start losing weight," eat more than 15g of salt daily causes high blood pressure that breaks the skin collagen. The skin becomes more fragile and wrinkles are easily formed on the thin areas such as around the eyes.
Heidi Waldorf, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, said his side that salt adds eye bags. So now using herbs for more flavor in your food instead of salt.

A video showing SYMULAST Method by Joey Atlas

The dermatologist and author of "Forget the facelift" says Doris J. Day sugar invades the insulin pathway in blood vessels to rapidly age the skin. No sugar, you will have a clearer skin and a brighter complexion. Eat fruit to calm your sweet cravings.

Coffee dehydrates the body and dries the skin. When poorly hydrated, wrinkles around the eyes widen. Dr. Waldorf advised to stay hydrated with coffee. Otherwise, green tea is a great alternative because it contains little caffeine with antioxidants properties.

According to Dr. Day, alcoholic beverages dehydrate the skin cells swell and the skin around your eyes. Double your water consumption if you drink regularly.

Red meat
Animal meats are high in L-Carnitine, which hardens the blood vessels. Eat red meat more than once a week is bad for skin and health. To replace them, choose seafood and dairy products.

Simple carbohydrates
Foods like white bread and pasta break the collagen in the skin and makes it less flexible, therefore more prone to wrinkles. Dr. Day recommends eating whole grains with shapes more complex carbohydrates.

Spicy foods
Dr. Waldorf says spicy foods dilate blood vessels in some people, especially those affected by rosacea or postmenopausal.

Hot dogs and sausages
These meats are preserved with sulfites. However, the sulfites are known to trigger the skin aging. Tofu and legumes are the best choices to make sandwiches.

The Soda
Soda contains a lot of acid, so this soda is bad for teeth. Furthermore, it dehydrates more than it quenches. In short, dull skin and swells. Prefer water fruit infusion.

Processed fats or trans fat

They are often found in processed foods and fast food meals. They clog the artery and the skin loses its elasticity. The coconut oil and olive oil are preferred due to their high vitamin E.

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